Is a Shelby the Mustang For You?

Ford Shelby Mustang dealers

Think of sports cars that really evoke the feeling of nostalgia for you. For millions of car enthusiasts around the nation, one of the most-loved vehicles of their lifetime is the Ford Mustang, an iconic speed demon that has been known for years as one of top cars in Ford’s famed lineup.

There are a nice variety of Mustang models around, but which one is right for you? If you are thinking about looking into Mustang options, don’t forget to consider the Shelby. There are many reasons drivers love this type of Mustang, and after learning about some of them, you might be aching for a test drive at your local Ford Shelby Mustang dealers so you can try it for yourself.

One Fast Car

It’s a Mustang, so one of the first questions drivers are going to ask is “How fast does she go?” Thankfully, the answer to this question is – very. The newer Shelby GT500 is capable of roaring from 0 to 60mph in a staggering 3.8 seconds, a feat closer to famous supercars than what is normally associated with Ford vehicles.

Features to Love

There are a nice variety of features and amenities that you can find built right into your Shelby if you think about picking one up for yourself. The newest Shelby GT500, for example, includes some nice features built right into the vehicle for you to enjoy:

·    Both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay are included for easy smartphone syncing.

·    Mustangs are generally known to be cramped, but the Shelby offers a little extra legroom for passengers.

·    The Technology package for the new Shelby includes technologies such as driver assist and blind-spot monitoring.

Will You Pick a Shelby?

Mustangs have some of the biggest fanbases of any car in the world, being such an iconic and classic vehicle. If you want to enjoy the spirit of the Mustang with some of the newer modern features you expect to find in vehicles today, don’t skip on checking the Shelby out for yourself.